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The Histochemical Society awards programs seek to recognize projects and applicants that explore novel in situ tissue imaging and analytic techniques, including, but not limited to immunohistochemistry/immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization, or those that strongly incorporate these techniques. Demonstrating use of such techniques is required to be eligible for the award. Travel award applications require a resume/CV and a recommendation letter.  The recommendation letter should include a brief statement of institutional support for the candidate (eg: mentoring, financial, or career development.)  If an abstract has been submitted to the event, the travel award applicant should include the abstract with the award application as well. HCS is generous, offering numerous travel awards throughout the year, but we strictly adhere to our deadlines to ensure fairness for all applicants.


HCS Travel Awards in Imaging and Histochemistry (HCS-TA-IHC)

The HCS Travel Awards in Imaging and Histochemistry are designed to encourage members or potential new members to attend or speak at society sanctioned workshops, courses, meetings or conferences.  Awards will be available on a rolling basis and specific opportunities will be advertised on this website. Awards will be available to members at three career levels: Invited speaker, invited instructor, and travel award.  Click here for more information about the award category descriptions.    Please note that award applications require a minimum review period of one month.  Please plan your application submission accordingly.      

Current workshops eligible for travel awards.

If you have any questions about the HCS-TA-IHC awards please email us at: [email protected]

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