**MEMBERS** Full Access to JHC Through HCS Website

HCS members should first log in to the HCS website at https://hcs.memberclicks.net/,  then click the “Publications” tab.

Next, members should see  “**HCS MEMBERS** Full Online Access to JHC.”  Only members who are logged in will see this option.

Finally, “Click here to access the Journal.”

This link will be active for 5 minutes and will automatically log members into the journal site.

For PDF instructions with screen shots, click here


 **MEMBERS** Full Access to JHC Through SAGE Website

Sign in or Register:  If you already have an account with SAGE journals, please sign in here https://journals.sagepub.com/action/showLogin). Otherwise, please register on the SAGE journal website https://journals.sagepub.com/action/registration. Check your email box for the SAGE verification email before proceeding further.

Activate Your SAGE Account: Go to “My Profile” then to the right you’ll see “Activate My Society  Account”.  Then select “Society Member Access.” Please select the society name from the drop down, enter your membership number then click “Activate”.  Click “My Content” were you’ll see the journal you have access to.


Non-members Access to JHC

Non-members accessing JHC via the HCS site https://hcs.memberclicks.net/ should click the “Publications” tab.

Next, click “Non-members Access to JHC.

This will take you to the journal site https://journals.sagepub.com/home/jhc for limited access to JHC.

 For PDF instructions with screen shots, click here.