Biographic, demographic, and scientific diversity in governance is an overarching goal of The Histochemical Society, and the HCS Council seeks to appoint members to committees who represent this diversity.

Awards Committee

Joseph Cheatwood, Chair
Alejandro Adam
Francesca Duncan
Delphine Gomez
Paulo Tambasco de Oliveira
Scott Tanner

Membership, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Alejandro Adam, Chair
Babajide Ajayi
Nathniel Lartey
Robin Lorenz
Kelley Murphy
Scott Tanner
Robby Van Sciver 

Communication Committee

Margarida Barroso, Chair
Jody Longo
Nathaniel Lartey
John Peterson
Kate Tubbesing

Education Committee

Sally Davis, Chair
Erik Butcher
Steven Carroll
Joseph Cheatwood
Joseph Daft
Tirthadipa Pradhan-Sundd
Scott Tanner
Beth Unger

Finance Committee

Scott Tanner, Chair
Liliana Schaefer
Alejandro Adam
Paul Goodwin

Program Committee

Liliana Schaefer, Chair
James Mandell
Douglas Rosene
Charles Frevert
Julie Randolph-Habecker
Paul Goodwin

Publications Committee

Denis Baskin, ex-officio
Eduardo Rosa-Molinar
Robin Lorenz

Nominating Committee

Paul Goodwin, Chair
Other Committee Members TBD