IHCIF Course Testimonials

Here is what attendees are saying about the course....

June 2023

“The Bio-Trac Team have put together a wonderful workshop that helps, both novice and advanced, members of the science community to function in a cooperative manner to better understand the steps if IHC/IF staining and publishing.” Cindy L., Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“This workshop helped build my foundational knowledge of IHC & IF, as well as exposed me to several potential applications I otherwise might not have discovered. I cannot wait to take everything I have learned back to my lab to apply in our IHC & IF techniques. The faculty and instructors were very approachable and possessed an immense breath of knowledge. The small course size allowed us attendees to build a small community and I feel I will we will continue to reach out to each other across our IHC & IF experiences. Mark Nardone is running an excellent overall program and facilitating a wonderful series of courses.” Danielle L., NIH

 “This was a great program. I am glad I was able to get this hands-on training, because I was only familiar with automatic IHC on the different platforms. I was also happy with the amount of support from other students and staff.” Mittrel P., Genentech

 “This is a good chance to meet an expert in the field, networking, exchanging experiences are the best part of this training.” Mautsanm I., Armed Force Research Institute of Medical Science

 “It’s such a great course. I have no background and experience in this field IHC and IF so I learn a lot from here. Although, I don’t understand the entire of course.  Thank you so much for letting me be part of this course.” Arasa S., Armed Force Research Institute of Medical Science

 “This workshop was a fantastic experience. I learned not only the technical aspect of this technique but also a lot about its troubleshooting, challenges and scientific knowledge. This workshop gives sufficient knowledge and support to perform experiments independently.” Mamta S., NIAID, NIH

“This course work great for someone like me who has clinical background and has moved into industry. It’s increased my knowledge and helped me remember some basic concepts I’d forgotten.” Stacy K., Analytic Biological Services

 “I will highly recommend this course, great theory content and hands on training.” Branka K., Georgetown University Hospital center

 “I really love the group and learning experience. It was my first time hearing about the details of immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry. Even though, I am not an expert, I understood everything, I just need a little bit more experience with the techniques. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really enjoy all the faculty members lectures, approaches and personalities.” Maria G., University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus

 “This course presents an excellent opportunity to advance at least some aspect of any IHC/IF running in your lab, regardless of your experience level. The best thing you can do is come to the course prepared to discuss your experiences with your peers and the staff - discussions can be invaluable and the lectures are approachable for those both new to IHC/IF and those with years of experience.” Pragun V., Histoserv, Inc

 “Great program. I learned a lot and gotten a lot of resources. I will absolutely recommend the workshop. The instructors were more than helpful, they were willing to answer and go over all the questions.” Aster K., NIAMS/NIH


June 2022

 “I really enjoyed the workshop. All the teachers are so knowledgeable and patient. I can feel their intelligence, wisdom and passion. I hope I can be able to join the workshop again if my boss can send me here.”  Jiong L., USUHS

 “This was a great course to scale-up techniques in your lab. A great opportunity to interact with experts in the field.”  Mar H., Texas State University

 “This was an amazing course to learn from experts in the field. The hands on training and theoretical understandings and lectures was very informative! Additionally, I was able to build my network and collaboration list.”  Letiticia M., ThermoFisher Scientific

 “I loved this course! The knowledge that I gained from all the course instructors & participants will have an immense impact on my work, my images are going to look amazing!”  Glennys R., NIH/NIAID

 “This workshop gave me a good foundation on applying IHC & IF techniques. To me this will be useful to have a better understanding in the mechanisms and better to troubleshoot. This will also help as I move towards automated systems.”  Editih V., Gilead Sciences

 “Qualify presentations from experts in their fields.”  Brad R, USUHS

 “This was a great opportunity to get hands on training!”  Sabrina R., NIH/NCI

 “Satisfaction.”  Babajide A., Ajayi Crowther University

 “Good program, topics, useful details.”  Anya F, USUHS

 “It was an intense but well-organized course for people to learn IHC & IF. I definitely will recommend this course to others! And we were well-fed by Kendra!! Thank you for everyone who created this course.”  Shuhan Z., Albany Medical College

 “This class has changed the game for me with Immunohistochemistry! I am looking forward to taking more Bio-Trac courses!”  Adaku U., Wright State University

 “A fantastic experience with top-notch facilities/ equipment with even better instructors. I would recommend this course to anyone at any level working in Histology.”  Dylan L., Kansas State University

 “The BEC facility is excellent! The lab spaces and technology were paramount to the course’s success. I enjoyed interfacing with Mark Nardone the course instructor. He kept students well-informed at all times.”  Kelsey P, Kansas State University

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