HCS Awards for Experimental Biology

Apply for Travel Awards to EB 2020 NOW!  Applications are accepted now through November 14, 2019.  Apply through the EB abstract submission system. 

The Histochemical Society offers a number of awards to its members and other individuals whose research demonstrates a greater understanding and application of histochemical techniques. These awards target researchers interested in the development and use of imaging techniques that provide biochemical and molecular information about the structure and function of cells, tissues and organs. Researchers at different stages of their careers can apply to these awards. Eligibility for these awards requires an abstract submission as a presenter at the Experimental Biology (EB) meeting. For clear, step, by step, instructions on how to apply in the future through the EB abstract system, view this PDF. Both Travel Awards and Merit Awards are available in conjunction with this event.  For specific award information, visit these pages of the website.

Travel Award Information Merit Award Information