2020 Cornerstone Grant Awardees




Anngela C. Adams, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix

Association of gamma-interferon-inducible lysosomal thiol reductase (GILT) with clinical outcomes in patients with metastatic melanoma



Anna Barque, University of Illinois at Chicago

Histochemical approaches to study the role of the novel extracellular matrix protein SNED1 in the formation of craniofacial structures by neural crest cells




Troy D. Fort, Kansas State University, The Effects of Astroglial Glutamate in Mitigating Cue-Induced Relapse




Ashmeet Hunjan, McMaster University

Shroom3 controls nephron progenitor cell clustering, migration, and cellular projection formation




Shweta  S. Dipali, Northwestern University

Histological evaluation of the decellularized ovary as a model for the study of ovarian cancer cell adhesion and expansion